Festival of Life and Death Traditions 2018

Special Guest

About the Festival

The 13th edition of the Festival of Life and Death Traditions will have Zacatecas as a special guest, and visitors can be part of the customs of this great northern state.

From October 30 to November 2, celebrate at Xcaret the returning journey of the souls who have already departed.

Actividades en Xcaret durante el Festival de Día de Muertos Disfruta las actividades culturares del Festival de Día de Muertos de Xcaret


Throughout the year, Xcaret has carefully prepared a program full of art expressions that will take you on a journey through the Day of the Dead traditions and Mexican beliefs with the distinctive style each artist imprints on their work.


Folkloric ballet, pre-Columbian and contemporary dance, traditional rituals, and festive dances.


Circus Theater, Clown Theater, Puppets, narrated and regional theater, are just some of the disciplines displayed in the 2018 edition with performers from the Mexican states of Zacatecas, Yucatán and Quintana Roo, plus artists from Quebec, Canada.


It’s time to enjoy the authentic corridos of the Mexican Revolution, the songs of the Zacatecan and Yucatecan music, or the jaraberos which are the ancestors of the world-renowned Mariachi. There will also be special guests from Colombia and a percussion ensemble, plus the gala concerts by Eugenia León and Ely Guerra.

Expositions, exhibitions and workshops:

You will find dozens of altars and a food sale with the most representative dishes of Zacatecas and Quintana Roo, plus interactive workshops and photography and painting exhibitions.


Another way to remember and honor our deceased by cooking some of the favorite meals they used to enjoy while living. Cuisine is a cornerstone in the Day of the Dead celebration.

The culinary demonstration at Xcaret's Festival of Life and Death Traditions 2018 brings the state of Zacatecas as a special guest. You can taste gorditas (a stuffed thick corn tortilla), the Fresnillo enchiladas, brujitas from Sombrerete, condoches, tacos envenenados, or the traditional asado de boda, among others.

Special Guest

The state of Zacatecas is the special guest for the upcoming edition of the Festival of Life and Death Traditions, where it will showcase its different customs, its great mining culture influence, and its characteristic Revolutionary Period. Through music, theater, dance, and other art expressions, we can take a look at its cultural legacy and be part of a celebration enlisted as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Gala Concert

For the first time, the Festival of Life and Death Traditions 2018 will have three gala concerts at the Gran Tlachco Theater. On October 31 Eugenia León, a renowned artist with a great passion for singing, will perform a different-genre setlist. On November 1, a one of a kind concert will take place with Ely Guerra and Eugenia León onstage. Finally, on November 2, Ely Guerra will perform in an intimate piano and voice concert paying tribute to the talent of several Mexican composers.

How can I get to the Festival?

You can get there by car as the park features free parking facilities. If you prefer, you can go by bus from Cancun or Playa del Carmen with the ADO company, which offers round-trip tickets to attend the festival. Xcaret Park is on the Chetumal – Pto. Juárez Highway km 282, very close to Playa del Carmen.

Secondary Venues

The Festival of Life and Death Traditions 2018 continues with two extra days in the official secondary venues of the event: Teatro de la Ciudad de Playa del Carmen (City Theater) and Teatro de Cancún, where artist expressions will take place on November 3 & 4 with the same magic, culture, and talent as at Xcaret Park. Also, Hotel Xcaret México will be a secondary venue for the first time. Between October 30 and November 4, several artists will perform in some areas of this spectacular place.