Querétaro is the guest state at the 17th edition of the Festival of Life and Death Traditions. This magnificent state has a colonial charm, delicious cuisine that pairs perfectly with its delicious wines, and many traditions that have been inherited from generation to generation.

Querétaro is more than a ball game

The meaning of Querétaro has two versions: One in Purepecha, which means "the place where the ball or ball game is played," and the other is in Otomi, which means "place of stones."

In the 18th century, Querétaro became a key point for the independence conspiracies in Mexico. In this city, some movements and secret meetings took place for the independence plans of the country.

Art and culture of Querétaro

Querétaro's culture is diverse and vibrant. The city has many venues dedicated to art, such as the Teatro de la Republica, where music, dance, and theater shows delight the public with their magic. In addition, it hosts cultural festivals throughout the year, such as the Santiago de Querétaro International Festival and the Jazz and Blues Festival, which attract nationally and internationally renowned artists. These events are the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the region's rich arts and culture scene.

Querétaro Gastronomy

The gastronomy of Querétaro is another outstanding aspect that cannot be overlooked. Traditional Querétaro dishes are a delight for the palate. From the famous Querétaro enchiladas, with their cheese filling and a sauce with a variety of peppers, to the wedding roast, a typical dish for wedding celebrations in the region. Querétaro's cuisine is an explosion of flavors and culinary traditions.


The vast biodiversity of the state of Querétaro offers spectacular landscapes, waterfalls, rivers, and caves that invite nature lovers to explore and enjoy its beauty. The trails and roads allow hiking, mountain biking, and bird watching while admiring the diversity of flora and fauna of Querétaro.